About Us

Care is a complex subject, you will come across different terms you’ve not heard before, and a lot of different options to consider My team and I are committed to delivering you high quality, experienced care. As we recognize each person has their own needs. We support and take care of each person on an individual basis with trust and compassion.

Lory Steeves Health Care Agency provides Home Health Care, allowing the elderly to get medical care in the privacy of your own homes. Qualified professional nurses, trained physiotherapists, and certified health care assistants with portable medical equipment are trained accordingly to give compassionate care and therapy tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

People who are elderly, have long-term sickness and living with an incurable condition or recovering from any medical surgery or if they have needs and are confined to their beds or require palliative care, leave everything on us. We go in as friends and end up as family.